Online Black British Book Festival 2021

Date: Saturday 25th September 2021

Time: 2.30pm – 6.30pm

The Online Black Book Festival 2021 is an annual book event aimed at showcasing Black British writers and Black writers globally.

This grassroots festival is aimed at the global African community and is a platform to showcase the the books, talents, services and initiatives that the Black community is making to the world of books throughout the world.

The event provides an opportunity for the global community to:

  • Listen to new and exciting Black writers and publishers
  • To learn how to write the book they always knew they had within them
  • To learn about the global Black book industry
  • To identify opportunities to publish and exhibit books on the Black experience

Online Black Book Festival 2021


2.15pm Registration

2.30pm to 2.40pm Welcome and Introduction with Festival Team

Part 1: On Family and Our Children (suitable for families) 2.40pm

  • Children’s Black History Quiz
  • The Black Hair Story with children’s writer Hannah Lee
  • A is for Africa. Nigerian children’s writer, Ifeoma Onyelulu, reads from

her acclaimed book.

  • Books to Inspire Our Children (tba)

3.40pm Break

Part 2: On Writing and Marketing 3.45pm

  • The 7 Steps to Writing a Great Novel with Denise Roberts
  • Celebrating Our Writers: Curating Black Book Festivals with Donna Gray-Banks from the USA

4.30pm Break

Part 3: On Digital Publishing 4.35pm

  • Black Women and the Digital Space with novelist/podcaster Pamela R. Haynes and editor/writer Esther Ademosu
  • The History of Black British Writing and Publishing with best-selling writer and educationalist David Simon

Part 4: On African Spirituality in Literature 5.50pm

  • African Spirituality in Caribbean Literature with novelist and publisher Dr. Michelle Asantewa
  • The Spirit in the Novel with Rosanna Amaka
  • From Africa to the Caribbean: Creation of the Creole Tongue with

linguist/poet Dr. Morgan Dalphinis

6.15pm Break

Part 5: On Celebrating Our Geniuses

  • An Intergenerational Conversation on Books and Youth Engagement with international panel
  • Lifetime achievement audio-visual presentation
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Thanks and farewell from the festival team.

Please note that workshops and timings might be subject to amendments.

About Simon Education

Simon Education (formerly Ebony Saturday Schools) was started in 1987 by David Simon and Dr. Leonora Simon-Bleasdille to address the needs of the African-Caribbean community in the UK . In 2003 Nneb Akpom-Simon joined the company. The company went on to run ten Saturday schools and tutor over 6000 students. The company now runs an online school , publishing house, online courses for children and adults and two international festivals.

Simon education has won numerous awards and its books and courses are sold in several countries.

The company is the publisher of the best-bestselling Genius series: How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius, How to Unlock you Family’s Genius, How to Homeschool Your Child and Unlock their Genius and How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History.


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